Things As They Are

Mindfulness Insights

“Coming to terms with things as they are is my definition of healing”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

What are your thoughts about this quote?  What kind of meaning do you attach to the notion “coming to terms with things as they are”?

Things as they are.

Simply meditating on these words can bring peace and meaning when we focus on the feelings they engender.

Things as they are. No need to struggle, no need to alter, change, fix, mend, undo, create or meddle.  No need to escape avoid, deny – just accept how it is, what is happening, and let it be.

Just allowing yourself to experience these phrases changes your perspective.  In very simple terms, much healing of our physical bodies, our aching hearts, and our worrying minds can take place if we can understand and live our lives from this place of non struggle.

Mindfulness is about discovering HOW to do this – how to change the struggling.

Our Mindful Living community offers a safe place with like minded people to explore and discover practical ways to discover and apply these learnings to our daily life.

2 thoughts on “Things As They Are

    • I agree Myles – when we let that struggle go we can soften (I actually feel my shoulders, jaw and belly relax) and just work with what is here now. Spending less time on trying to change everything is such a relief. Once we have accepted things we leave space for new things too – often transforming what we were stressing about anyway!

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