Somewhere over the Rainbow

From Homer’s Odyssey to fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, literature is full of symbols about our inner journey.

The Wizard of Oz offers us a whole metaphor of finding our way back home. A journey of self discovery.

Dorothy is the human soul accompanied by her three allies. The scarecrow (our thinking), the Tin man (our feelings) and the lion (our will power). They go through their own lessons as we all do in this schoolhouse of Earth. They become wiser, more loving and stronger thanks to all the challenges and obstacles. In their confrontation with the wicked witch they develop courage. They fall asleep in the poppy fields, like we do when we get distracted and lost in all sorts of addictions and escapes. And finally they learn to trust their inner voice when they discover the wizard is just a phony.

Let’s take the yellow brick road together and see where it leads us… 

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