Mindful Photography

by Cindy Stocken

When I think back to how I learned Mindfulness it takes me back to a time of carrying heavy camera bags and spending days shut in the darkroom. It takes me back to the smell of developer and fixer and to the alert awareness of witnessing the world through a lens of my choosing. Studying photojournalism helped me begin to witness myself as I observed what was happening around me, and made me aware of the frame that I was choosing to make sense of it. Now days my camera comes with me on walks of awareness – a mindful practice in itself. The act of photography can teach us core mindfulness principles and understandings through a creative medium. As we hold a physical camera (or phone) we acknowledge ourselves witnesses – separate and at the same time absolutely connected to the world around us. We choose what to photograph and how to do it. We choose the stories that we tell and frame. Most of all we connect with a vibrant awareness of the world in the way we compassionately observe patterns, light, people, animals, colour, stories, whatever is happening right now. We are alert and alive to the moment because we are aware of it’s shifting nature and don’t want to miss a great photograph.

Bring your camera or phone and join us on the 11th June to explore what lessons are held in the witnessing, clarity, framing, vibrant awareness, connection, editing and sharing.


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