A Seed is Born

By Kristine Enger

A third instalment in a series of blogs on “Starting Over” – read the others here and here.

Deep inside an underground vault, on the remote Norwegian island of Svalbard, halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean, lies the Global Seed bank.

This secure vault is temperature controlled and built to withstand threats from natural or manmade disasters to preserve the world’s crops and plants. To secure life for future generations.

Deep within the process of starting over, lies the seed of the new. Through the contrast of what you don’t want, you’ve learnt what you do want. The seed of an idea of what could be, comes to life.

The seed of the new is the most precious commodity. To safeguard the environment for the seed to sprout and grow becomes the most important task and requires determination and focus.

Ground it deeply by grounding your own energy. Walk bare feet in the park. Spend as much time as you can outside, whether forest or desert.

Hydrate the seed by hydrating yourself. Drink plenty of water and be in or near water as much as you can.

Protect it by holding the idea of the new close to your heart. You know deep down what it takes to shelter it and keep it safe.

Be patient and take your time before you broadcast your plans to the world. Wait for the new to slowly, tenderly start manifesting in your life before you do so.

Surrender and create the space for the seed to sprout and grow. Like any seed, it knows exactly what to do. It may take some time.

Enlist the help of a coach, who is neutral and who can support you and keep track of your progress, however small. Friends and family can be supportive and believe they have your very best intentions at heart, but during this fragile creation process, people who know you well, will in most cases have an opinion about where you’re headed and dilute the energy of the new.

During certain times in our lives, it feels as if we’re walking around in our own Arctic wilderness, feeling fragile and beaten. The seed of the new is always within us, just waiting for us to become aware of its existence and through our intent and love bring it into this world.

Kristine has lived in Dubai for more than 25 years and has started over many times in her life. Kristine knows particularly well what it entails to start over as an expat, far from home, without the safety net of family, friends and in certain situations social services to catch us. Kristine’s deeply grounded, practical, yet highly creative approach to life, makes her an excellent consultant to guide and inspire you if you find yourself going through the challenging time of starting over. Contact us here to make an appointment to see Kristine.

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