The New is Coming

The fifth instalment in a series of blogs on “Starting Over” – read the others here: On Starting Over  , Know Where You Are  , A Seed is Born  , The Void

When we are in a phase in our lives where nothing much seems to be happening, frustrated that the seeds of our deepest desires we so carefully cultivated, or the vision we gingerly held, have taken their time to manifest in our reality, it is easy to miss the first signs of the new.

In fact, we may not recognise the fragile seedling of the new at all, and trample all over it. The new is extremely resilient, and cannot be stopped, so when we do start to notice that changes are occurring, we most often either feel like “this is not what I asked for”, or” this is too much”.

When we create something new, it is rare that what we asked for shows up fully formed in its expression, the way we had visualised it. When the new starts to emerge, we may not even recognise it at all.

Other times, the new seemingly comes all at once and can feel extremely overwhelming. We soon forget that this is indeed what we had held in mind.

Trust that what has been presented to you is what you can handle. Or be patient and trust that the little seedling will indeed turn into the most exquisite flower, given time.

It is about recognising the signs for what they are, not become disillusioned when the new does not present in the way you had envisaged. Therein lies the mystery, the challenge, the trust, so that we as human beings can grow alongside the new, become an active contributor to the continued creation process, as opposed to sabotaging it.

We can see the creation of the new as exquisite, as holy even. Through our choices, acting on our thoughts, we give life to the continued unfolding of creation to show up in our reality. Over time a stronger sense that life is happening through us and not to us may naturally unfold.


Kristine has lived in Dubai for more than 25 years and has started over many times in her life. Kristine knows particularly well what it entails to start over as an expat, far from home, without the safety net of family, friends and in certain situations social services to catch us. Kristine’s deeply grounded, practical, yet highly creative approach to life, makes her an excellent consultant to guide and inspire you if you find yourself going through the challenging time of starting over.


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