The Tapestry of Life

By Kristine Enger

When we are crossing a muddy patch or a stream, we don’t always know where to put our foot next. Where we thought it was safe to cross sometimes isn’t, the stepping stone is wobbly and inevitably we end up with one very muddy, or wet, shoe.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see where we are going in our lives. It can feel as if we are walking blindly into a future not yet formed, with no apparent plan or purpose, as we cautiously search for where to put our foot next. This can feel disorienting and confusing.

As we have a desire to live more mindfully, being present to the what is happening now and not wishing it was different, it can be a conundrum as we don’t always understand what the present moment requires us to do. Or we feel stuck in our present circumstances, in some version of an eternal ‘groundhog day’ now.

Can we accept that the present moment is sometimes crystal clear and other times utterly muddy and confusing?

Only when we observe the tapestry of our life from a higher perspective, can we see the different colours, the intricately woven patterns, and how each thread was vital to the overall quality of the weave. Why certain things happened the way they did. Events that only years later make sense, as we get glimpses of the interconnectedness of it all, the bigger picture.

As we are busy living in the rich, mundane, bewildering now, wouldn’t knowing the bigger picture take away the learning underway, the interesting people we’ll meet, the sense of achievement experienced from the other side of a particularly treacherous crossing, the exquisite vistas opening after a steep climb, or the deep, soul love of another human being?

If this is so, that the final design is unknown, can’t we then just ‘go all in’ with abandon, trust and accept that we indeed can never put a foot wrong?

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