Codependency & Growth

by Helen Williams

This is part 2 in a series of blogs leading up to our Conscious Relationships workshop in November 2018. Click here to read Part 1

As we continue our exploration about conscious relationships, in preparation for the upcoming workshop in November,  let’s look at what being conscious in a relationship would mean.

Conscious relationships = commitment to growth as an individual, as a couple, as a community where we are an addition to another’s life, but not the foundation on which it is built. Growth is the goal, both for ourselves, our partner and our relationship.

Commitment to growth as an individual is often the first faltering point of a new relationship as couples tend to focus wholeheartedly on each other in the early days and often this means forgetting to caretake your own needs and becoming absorbed into your partner’s life agenda.  It also is a most convenient way of projecting your hopes, dreams, fears and wounds onto your partner instead of staying responsible for them yourself.  This often means becoming lost on your own pathway without even realising it.

Being an ‘addition but not the foundation’ on which the relationship is built, means investigating co-dependency, a topic close to my heart and one which often shines a light on a problem area bringing fresh clarity and insights.   Come prepared to learn ways of identifying co-dependency in your relationships and the impact of it. There’s much to explore here and many tools are available to navigate this tricky way of relating.

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