Conscious Communication as a Relationship Growth Goal

by Helen Williams

Part 3 in a series on Conscious Relationships leading up to our November Conscious Relationships workshop. Read Part 1 & 2 here: 

Conscious relationships = commitment to growth as an individual, as a couple, as a community where we are an addition to another’s life, but not the foundation on which it is built.

Growth is the goal, both for ourselves, our partner and our relationship.
The opening sentence for many a couple session is, ‘’We are in trouble through lack of
communication’’. This oh-so-familiar phrase with a lifetime of pain behind it. Learning to communicate consciously is as much about learning how to hear, how to deeply listen and ‘’hold a space for each other’’ as it is about learning how to speak, to use words, body language and emotional wisdom.
Our fear of being hurt, being vulnerable, or revealing our shames and fears, means we have a lifetime of learning how to be defensive and offensive when we feel unsafe. I have long believed that we are conditioned into our defences from an early age and that it is completely possible to relearn new and powerful ways of communicating with each other. The experience of being really heard, really held, and really seen, and still loved, is one of our deepest longings and therefore also one of our deepest fears.

On Tuesday nights in November Helen will be running a series of workshops where we will explore some tried and true approaches, and some not so familiar, to make a new way of communicating available to us. To book your spot on our Conscious Relationships workshops contact us here. 

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