Singing the Same Song

by Kristine Enger

Walking on the beach early this morning, as the sun was rising, a lady was sitting cross-legged on the sand playing the guitar. As I walked past, I thought to myself, “what a lovely way to start the day, with some live music.”
I carried on walking, enjoying the soothing, yet somewhat repetitive 3 or 4 chords she was playing. I walked right to the end of the beach, and as I reached the fishing village, I turned back. Thirty minutes or so later, I again passed the lady with the guitar, and with some amusement noticed that she was still playing the exact same chords.

I pondered that in the meantime, I had enjoyed an exploration of the seashore, looked at shells and crabs, found a sand dollar, said ‘hello’ to a few early risers, moved my body, whereas she was in the exact same spot, absorbed playing the same repetitive chords.

In a flash of insight, I realised that most of us live our lives playing the same tune over and over. It is as if we keep reading from the same script, literally playing it safe by staying well within the confines of the tried and tested, the carefully orchestrated narrative that is our life.
“Be curious about life”, we teach in mindfulness, “go down a different road, explore a new neighbourhood”. What would happen if we said yes instead of no, took a risk even, you’ll never know unless you try, right?

This way, we won’t stay stuck, repeating the same melody over and over, but open ourselves to the next song… and the next … on the playlist that makes up our lives.

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