7 Day Sense Journey Practice

We invite you to join us in a practice of mindful awareness over a week – with each day bringing a new area of focus for our attention. Each day we will give you a few guides to keep in your awarenes. Each day focuses on a sense – 5 outward and 2 inward. Throughout the day keep the theme of the day in your view and at the end of the day, you may like to even journal about what you noticed.

Remember – mindfulness is a practice of noticing without judgement and without attachment – acknowledging what is happening in the present moment without trying to control it, anticipate what’s next or dwell on what has been. When we do these practices we can bring more space into our lives – a small gap appears between what is happening and who we are, and we can notice that this sense of spaciousness helps us release anxiety, softens anger and invites room for compassion for ourselves and others.
It may feel strange to imagine that noticing the colours that you can see would be so transformative – but it is in the simplicity of these practices that the treasure is found.

Please join us in these 7 days of awareness and remember that you are able at anytime to schedule a 30 or 75 minute private session for more support form our team.