Learn and experience Mindful Living with Mindful ME.

A mindful approach to life,  and the inherent benefits of this lifestyle, are being more and more recognised, understood & actively embraced around the world. In our personal lives, workplaces, sports teams, kitchen, family rooms and schools – mindfulness has been proven to ease stress and anxiety through purposeful and compassionate attention.  Mindful ME seeks to support and nurture this expanding awareness in the UAE through facilitating the learning and application of mindfulness in our personal and professional lifestyles.

Our purpose is to help our members and clients to connect with themselves in mindfulness practice and with others who also choose a mindful approach to life.

Helen Williams is a New Zealander with a lifetime’s experience in personal and self-development, spiritual direction and in training people from all walks of life in her chosen field of Mindfulness and Meditation. Helen was awarded Emirates Woman, Woman of the Year for her visionary work in the field of personal development in 2014 and in 2017 was honoured as one of the 50 Most Inspirational Women of the UAE by Stylist Arabia as well as one of Arabian Business’s 100 Most Influential People in Dubai. With her handpicked team, Mindful ME builds on her years of impact in the city.

Mindful ME shares the benefits and techniques of grounding in mindfulness practice. Whether it be exploring the food we eat, the way we speak with our loved ones, working through change and grief, leadership, parenting, teaching or embarking on a journey of personal discovery – we do it daily with a deliberately mindful approach. Through online private sessions, small group courses, retreats and bespoke group experiences we look forward to sharing the experience of a mindful life with you.

Each individual journey of learning and living mindfully is unique. You may love the energy of group sessions, the peacefulness of retreats, or the personal reflection of individual and couple sessions. Depending on your needs we can arrange a consultation where you can speak with our experienced and specialised team.

Read our musings, meet our team, engage with us on facebook or instagram, or join our community in our meditation classes, workshops, one on one conversations or invite us into your office.