Alfie Balicuatro


Alfie is our fantastic administrator and is the man you can ask any question of. He looks after all our scheduling and workshops and helps all our clients connect with the consultant who is best for their needs. Alfie is from the Philippines and has been living in Dubai for 5 years now.  Alfie loves looking after the Mindful ME clients with a genuine care that can’t be matched.

Alfie Says:

“It ’s interesting how Mindfulness Practice can change one’s life. From my personal  Mindfulness experience,  I discovered how to be the captain of my self from being on autopilot, and reacting straight away to a stimulus without noticing what am I doing,  which sometimes can be harmful for myself as well as to others.

I am grateful that I am able to learn & practice mindfulness.  I love how it teaches me to be aware of my self, feeling the present moment, savouring and enjoying what I feel & sense.  I am not a mindfulness expert, but I know this is what practicing mindfulness brings me.

I  love to travel and be connected with nature, sharing our life with other living things.  I love swimming, cycling, trekking, mountain climbing, camping, snorkeling, and would love to learn scuba diving if given a chance.  I am really blessed that I am working with the Mindful ME team that support, teach, and experience what life has to offer and know its worth & value.”