Bindu Ann Joseph


Having grown up in the UAE I have always considered Dubai to be home. In fact my closest circle of friends and I are part of the first generation of expat children whose parents left their home countries in the early 70’s and set up their base here thinking of course we will only be here for a few years. Three decades later it is now a choice…this is home.

15 years in the oil and gas industry has taught me a lot; but out of everything that I have learned it is people and their relationships that intrigue me. The trials and tribulations of the human spirit keeps me curious. Business, markets and politics keeps me on my toes. Constantly learning keeps me motivated.

My journey into mindfulness would be similar to how a large majority of people make their way there. A trigger, a situation, a crisis of some sort that pushes you to the point where you finally start asking the “right” questions and slowly but surely the road for you to find the answers unfold.  It then becomes the story of “ Will you turn that key and unlock that door? “

Mindfulness as a practice had only made it’s way into to my life over a year ago and yet it has become a practice that has become quite naturally embedded into what I do now. My favorite way to practice it has become through movement. Whether it is a run through the city, a 45 minute sprint session in a cycling class or a peaceful trek up the mountain of Wadi Shawka in Ras Al Khaimah there is a certain calm and serenity that arises when your mind and body are present together at the same place and working in unison as it should.

Having pursued an undergraduate degree in Accounting and graduate degree in IT from Texas A&M University, Texas, USA I followed up my passion in business with an EMBA from Hult International Business School, Dubai, UAE. I love start-ups; there is a very different energy and passion about building a new business. There are no precedents set as you carve your way into your space evolving and morphing into what will soon become the identity of the entity that you create.

The opportunity to be part of a start-up that combines my love for business with my fascination of the human behavior was something that came almost as easy as breathing. A chance to be able to give back makes what I do give purpose. Mindful ME is more than just an organization we are a community designed to welcome all those wandering and searching for a piece of themselves to come find it where they last left it.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” – Confucius