Cindy Boocock


Hi there!

I am a founding partner of Mindful ME and continue to work closely with this beautiful community even though I now live in Melbourne, Australia.

I am from South Africa and have also worked in both Australia and Dubai. I studied Anthropology and Communication at Rhodes University in South Africa, with a personal interest in heritage and how we choose to self-identify.

My core values of Delight in Being, Curiosity and Love manifest in the way that I engage with people, and the world around me in a mindful way. I bring this into my coachings and trainings as a reflection of my own authentic self, believing that an open and honest space is crucial to learning and growth.

I spent my corporate career spending time exploring an industry that fascinates me – travel. I have worked in many customer-facing service roles as well as executive leadership. Through this I developed a particular interest in the concepts and impact of authentic service and mindful leadership (many of these learnt through personal experiences). I found great joy in working with leaders in the travel industry and training and coaching them and their teams to achieve success.

I run certified courses and one on ones in certified Workplace Motivators, EQ and DISC profiles which help team and individuals engage with others and themselves in mindful ways.

I enjoy working with clients to develop their own way of connecting with customers, understanding the people that they work with, and inspiring themselves, and others, to reach their goals. Doing this is simplest with a mindful approach to articulating and connecting first to your own true purpose.

I encourage leaders and learning and development teams to consider bringing mindfulness practices in a corporate environment in the form of workshops and one-on-one work to explore:

  • Identifying purpose
  • Developing authentic leadership
  • Overcoming work stress and anxiety
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Understanding behaviours, motivators and emotional intelligence at work

Our incredible Mindful ME team are here to support you and welcome you with warmth to our community – in workshops, retreats, workplace mindfulness and individual or couple’s sessions.

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