Come and experience the power and potential of group enrichment to bring awareness and growth to your relationships, whether this is to focus on your relationship with yourself, as a committed couple, with family members, or friendships, as a parent, a lover, marriage, business partners or colleagues.

This workshop is suitable for all types of relationships, those needing to explore relating before your commitment, for long-term relationships which need a boost, or for single people exploring a deepening understanding of ways of relating. This programme is written and facilitated by Helen Williams who has worked with many forms of relationships and is well respected for her insight into the dynamics and patterns that flow through them.

We will learn skills in communication, enjoy highlighting different forms of listening and hearing, including learning how to hold space for another.  There will be a strong emphasis on insights and understandings about co-dependency and the impact this has on all relationships and particularly toward ourselves. Paying attention to these patterns is a way of bringing mindfulness into our relationships.

Learn also how being part of a mindful relationship can extend to being part of a mindful community.

Relationships = The way in which two or more people, talk to, behave toward, and are connected with each other.

Conscious relationships = commitment to growth as an individual, as a couple, as a community where we are an addition to another’s life, but not the foundation on which it is built. Growth is the goal, both for ourselves, our partner and our relationship.

This workshop will run for 4 consecutive weeks with each 3-hour session placing focus on different aspects of relationships as part of a mindfulness practice.

Contact us here to sign up or ask any questions about this workshop.

AED1300 per person or AED2000 per couple for the full 4 week programme.

Next workshop dates

Due to the COVID restrictions we have postponed this workshop. Please let us know if you would like to be notified of the next session or watch this space. 

Here is what past participants have had to say about their experience:

“The Conscious Relationships workshop really helped me understand the importance of nurturing a healthy relationship with myself in a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment. The workshop greatly focuses on a person’s relationship with oneself, the pre-requisite to any healthy relationship in life. It provided me with the right questions and tools to dig deeper and connect with myself to live life consciously with myself and others.  Helen and the Mindful ME team fostered a loving warm space that enabled participants to safely share their thoughts and feelings about the various deep topics discussed. It is a great privilege to learn about self- love and relationships in a group setting where you get to learn from and share your experiences with other people and understand better that we are on the same journey.” – Mona