A core companion of mindfulness is compassion, which many teachers describe as the two wings of the same bird. It is with this foundation that we welcome to Mindful ME ‘s newest offering, a series of 12 workshop sessions designed to further, deepen and encourage our inner connection through exploring our attachment systems. Doing this with a small group ensures a supported experience as we dive deep into an awareness of belonging – to ourselves and to each other.

By the end of this programme you will have reached a clearer understanding of the struggles which have made it so difficult to form a kind and loving relationship to yourself. This struggle is deeply painful, sometimes unrecognised, often alienating, and shameful, and frequently the reason why relationships fail, why addictions become the ‘antidote’ and why depression, anxiety and fear are uppermost in our daily interactions.

By discovering the nature of our hidden inner wounding and trauma, we can begin to understand the reasons we deny, unlove and abandon ourselves as a form of early protection and defence. With understanding, we can make the discoveries that are available for us all, towards a warm, consistent, safe and loving relationship with our very selves.

How Can I Truly Love Myself is facilitated by Helen, & Kirsty who each bring many years of personal & professional experience, study and their very attentive care to this programme.

There will be a limit of 18 participants per programme – creating an encouraging and welcoming community.

The programme includes:

  • 12 live online workshop sessions
  • a 30-minute online support session
  • a library of curated resources
  • guided self-work
  • a community of fellow participants

The 12 sessions are made up of 3 modules which will be spaced over 4 months – giving you time to integrate and explore insights before embarking on the next module. Learn more about each module and the sessions here:

Module 1 – Coming Home to Myself
  • Session 1 – Building Resilience ā€“ Coming home to myself in community
  • Session 2 – Discovering our Attachment Systems (part 1) ā€“ What our attachment styles look like, how they unfold & how we live them as adults
  • Session 3 – Discovering our Attachment Systems (part 2)
  • Session 4 – Tending to our Attachment Wounds – tending & befriending our heart wounds
Module 2- Meeting our Deepest Longings
  • Session 5 – Disconnecting & Resisting my Inner Self
  • Session 6 – Meeting the Stories We Tell Ourselves
  • Session 7 – Returning to Wholeness
  • Session 8 – Learning to stay in Wholeness
Module 3 – Finding Meaning Through Compassion
  • Session 9 – The Illusion of Compassion
  • Session 10 – Awakening to Compassion
  • Session 11 – Befriending our Hearts
  • Session 12 – Living Compassion

Upcoming Dates:


New sessions to be scheduled soon.

Sessions run from 7pm – 9.30pm

Investment: AED3000 per person