Helen Williams


Helen Williams is a New Zealander with a lifetime’s experience in personal and self-development, spiritual direction and in training people from all walks of life in her chosen field of Mindfulness and Meditation. Helen was awarded Emirates Woman, Woman of the Year for her visionary work in the field of personal development in 2014 and in 2017 was honoured as one of the 50 Most Inspirational Women of the UAE by Stylist Arabia as well as one of Arabian Business’s 100 Most Influential People in Dubai.

Hello there!

Originally from New Zealand, I love my life in Dubai and feel very at home here after all these years.  Mindful ME is a joyful business to be a part of and it delights me and my amazing team to be sharing these wonderful tools, techniques and life-building skills with you all through our projects, workshops and online sessions.

I have had a lifetime of practical experience in this field of self-development, focusing mostly on our core search for meaning and authentic conscious growth, and have worked consistently in the field of personal and spiritual development, participated in and taught many groups involved in the search for mindful authenticity, meaning and conscious connection.  It is the meaning that this has brought to my life that provides the motivation to bring meaning through mindful awareness to the lives of others.

Living for some years in a meditation and retreat centre has had a marked impact on my way of being and further fuelled my desire for authentic mindful living and the opportunity to share this with others. Mindfulness as a way of living and my meditation practice are core teachings for me and enable me to be grounded and connected in my daily life. Running mindfulness workshops, facilitating learning experiences, and offering direction brings me great joy, teaching and training people from all walks of life, cultures, ages, and countries.

Reflecting on how best we could make a positive impact with bringing the meaning of mindfulness into our working lives, Cindy, my business partner and I, together created Mindful ME. Along with our team, we believe that Mindful ME offers the most wonderful opportunities for focussing on Mindfulness as the key to enabling growth, in our lifestyles, our connections to ourselves, and within our relationships, spreading out into the worldwide community of mindfulness practitioners everywhere.

Encouraging the continuing growth of our Mindfulness community is an intrinsic part of Mindful ME as we know that healthy connection to ourselves and others allows wellness, vitality, awareness, and conscious connectedness to spread organically.  Because of the nature of our online work, we are delighted to be in contact with our vast community wherever we find ourselves living.

While I continue to work with clients, both as individuals and couples, to support their mindful growth, I will be working far more extensively with group work, along with our Mindful ME team, teaching Mindfulness and Meditation Practices as well as Authentic Living  Mindful Living, Conscious Mindful Relationships,  How to Truly Love Myself through Mindfulness and through supporting our growing Mindfulness Community. Our group work will be supported by individual mindful sessions by our experienced team who consult with the same mindful compassion that has for so long been the way I work.

People often ask me why I am still here living in Dubai and continue to energetically run our business way past retirement age! The reason is this; my work is my reason for living.  I love what I do, being part of treasured team of mindfulness practitioners, the opportunities of working with a huge variety of cultures, and the great joy that comes from seeing people connect and come home to themselves.

I hope that I will get to meet and work with you at one of our workshops or retreats.

I also offer another website:

Authentic Self.com.    Do have a look!