Lynnette Harper

Many of you in our Mindful Me community will have experienced Lynnette’s warm, open, heart-centred energy. She has been our teacher of Yoga and Mindful Movement on many retreats, taught journaling workshops, and is a regular and delightful participant of our Mindful Living sessions. One of her great gifts is an ability to listen with deep attention.

Lynnette offers a body-centered approach to healing. Using mindful movement, breath, and embodied coaching to help you connect with your own body, this work is rooted deeply on the research of mindfulness, somatics, trauma and attachment. Engaging in somatic healing is tending to your own innate wisdom & resiliency through movement, breath, mindfulness and journaling. This experiential work uses body awareness to access the often deeply buried stories held within us.

Having worked in higher education for 20 years, her true love is teaching yoga, mindfulness and working as somatic practitioner.

Lynnette holds two master’s degrees in education and research, a State of Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist (#4495) and a 300-hour Certified Yoga Massage Therapist. She is currently pursuing certification in Somatic Experiencing, Transforming the Experienced Based Brain and Dynamic Attachment Repair.

Lynnette explains, “Having lived on 4 continents, 3 islands, and 11 States, I have a deep understanding of living an expat life and the sense of rootlessness that can arise when we have an altered sense of home. Often, due to trauma or relational disconnect, we lose connection to ourselves and our sense of home. This disconnection is a brilliant survival strategy when we are too little to make any other choice, but as adults, it saps our vitality and delight.”