Meditation Practice – workshops and events

“A daily Meditation practice can change your relationship to life, to yourself, to thoughts and to emotions.”

This statement is how I often begin teaching our 4-week Meditation Workshop.  It’s wonderful how often people tell me they too discover this becomes their truth when their meditation practice becomes a regular part of their daily lives.

After discovering the enhanced awareness that Mindfulness brings us, we encourage people to learn the techniques and tools of a daily in-depth Mindfulness Meditation Practice.

As we learn to settle into a routine of daily sitting, our relationship to our thinking changes and subtle differences appear in our emotions.  We feel calmer, more centred and less reactive.  A sense of enhanced compassion and empathy arrives, both for ourselves and towards others.  Our bodies begin to loosen, releasing often long held tension, and our need to control our external environment softens.  The greatest and often the most welcome softening appears in our noticeably more relaxed approach to worry, anxiety and to fear. No wonder we seek the changes in our lifestyle that enable this shift. During the classes, we learn why these changes happen and how our brains change because of the science of meditation.

How to Learn Meditation

We have three options to learn meditation practice – to help you find something that works best for you which will help you commit to and experience the benefits of a regular meditation practice.

  • Open Monthly Meditation Evenings
  • 4 week Meditation Practice workshop (8 hours)
  • Private sessions

We also have custom designed meditation chairs available to buy and take home to support your practice at a discounted rate if you participate in our Meditation Practice workshops.

Monthly Meditation Evenings

A daily meditation practice is the foundation for living with more awareness, fostering deeper consciousness, and opening to our compassionate living and being. 

Mindful ME teaches workshops focused on both Mindfulness as a way of life, and Meditation as an in-depth practice. To encourage and deepen our connections, we are delighted to offer a monthly Meditation evening, open for everyone to attend. Please come and take part in this opportunity to discover the wonder of meditating together, to experience the openness, stillness, energetic connection, and aliveness which happens when like-minded people are sharing the experience at the same time!

Each month the focus will be on different aspects of meditation, following different techniques and rhythms, and sharing in the joy of a community which practices together. All are welcome, if you are an experienced meditator or someone who has never meditated but curious to try.

We will meet on Monday evenings from 7 – 9 pm in Barsha Heights on the following dates:

Sessions are on a “name your price” basis to break down financial barriers to participation. This means that you can nominate your own price for the workshop, from AED50, so that you can help support others by offering more if you can, or less if you can’t. 

  • 23rd January
Meditation Practice Workshops

The Meditation Practice course is designed as an exploration of meditation as well as a way of establishing a personal daily practice. Having a structured way of approaching a seated practice as well as developing a habitual space helps embed the practice in our busy lives. Being able to come and sit in a group practice as well as learn and share experiences is a proven way of beginning a new practice or deepening or grounding your existing practice.

Investment: AED1300 per person for the full 4 weeks.

Contact us here to sign up or ask any questions about this workshop.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • January/ February 2023- 17th, 24th, 31st Jan & 7th February
Private Sessions

You can learn more about mindfulness meditation in one on one private sessions.  Each session is 75min long and will be tailored to your needs and questions. You can have as many sessions as you like although we recommend at least 4 sessions over the course of 4 weeks to get started.

Private sessions are also a wonderful way of extending and deepening your meditation practice once you have completed our open workshops.

A great benefit of doing the private sessions is that you will be able to book in at a time that works best for you as well as personalised guidance. 

Each individual session costs AED750 (AED3000 for 4-week programme).