Mindful Living is a series of workshops where we meet online to enjoy the experience of meaningful & curious conversations, as well as fun activities and guided meditations that are designed to inspire a joy in living. These in-depth conversations support learning and growth in the challenging areas that we get the most questions about. How can we approach these every day small and big themes with mindful awareness? If mindfulness is a lifestyle of wellness – then how do we bring these practices into our real experiences?

You can choose to drop into workshops that interest you or come each session – you are always welcome!

Do you have an idea for a Mindful Living workshop? Let us know by emailing info@mindfulme.me – we love to create workshops that are meaningful for you!

Online workshop events have a “Name Your Price” option to break down financial barriers to participation, especially during these challenging times. This means that you can nominate your own price for the workshop, from AED50, so that you can help support others by offering more if you can, or less if you can’t.

All workshops are currently hosted on Zoom.

Mindful Living

Hosted by Helen & Kirsty

7pm – 9pm

  • 2nd May – The Stories Behind the Fairy Tales
    We are going to delve into how Fairy tales can help us to explore and uncover unconscious expressions of ourselves. There is much to learn through understanding how some of the stories, behind the stories, can give us insights into our own lives and help us find new meaning and direction. It makes for some compelling perceptions and observations about life!


  • 6th June – Let’s Talk about Regrets

To regret is to feel sorrow and sadness for something you did or didn’t do. We all feel regretful at times – some of us much more than others perhaps, and to experience regret is a common part of our shared humanity.  It’s not at all unusual to look back with discomfort and sadness about an unmet dream, a broken relationship, a missed opportunity or a deeply painful lost chance. To shine some light on this for ourselves and to see our regrets as a profound way of healing, the best way to begin is by asking yourself, “What are some of my biggest regrets currently?” 

Before attending this Mindful Living session why not make an attempt at writing down a list of some of your regrets so that we can together help ourselves to find meaning and purposeful conversation around this deep and often uncomfortable topic.

Come and join us while we bring this discussion to life.

  • 4th July – Topic to be confirmed
  • 1st August – Topic to be confirmed

Living as a Mindful Parent



Hosted by Joanne Jewell 

8pm – 10pm

  • 12th May –“Why Obedience isn’t Co-operation – raising children and teens who can think for themselves”
    “When you focus on teaching your children obedience at home you will raise children who become teenagers that still focus on listening to what others tell them to do.  The problem is – it won’t be you anymore, it will be their peers”
    The skills of teaching independent thinking and setting boundaries with others are learnt when we are young people.  We cannot expect to raise an ‘obedient’ child who then becomes an adolescent able to make their own decisions and resist peer pressure.  Teaching this to children involves a lot of patience and often a big mindshift for many parents who were raised to not ‘answer back’ to do what they they were told ‘because I said so’ and who confused respect with compliance.  If you’re ready to embrace this shift and want to teach these skills to your children or teens then please join our community for this session on May 12th at 8pm.