Mindful Living is a series of workshops where we meet online to enjoy the experience of meaningful & curious conversations, as well as fun activities and guided meditations that are designed to inspire a joy in living. These in-depth conversations support learning and growth in the challenging areas that we get the most questions about. How can we approach these every day small and big themes with mindful awareness? If mindfulness is a lifestyle of wellness – then how do we bring these practices into our real experiences?

You can choose to drop into workshops that interest you or come each session – you are always welcome!

Do you have an idea for a Mindful Living workshop? Let us know by emailing info@mindfulme.me – we love to create workshops that are meaningful for you!

All workshops are currently being hosted in person and cost AED200.

Mindful Living

Hosted by Helen & Kirsty

7pm – 9pm

  • 5th September – My Relationship with Relationships

We are so happy to invite you to our next Mindful Living session taking place ‘in person’ in a safe and welcoming space. Our discussion will be centered around “Our Relationship with Relationships” focusing on how, so many of our relationships are fraught with fear, anxiety, guilt and shame, or dominated by poor or non-existent communication. Can we relearn to relate in healthy, connected, mindful ways?

Come share with us in community, we would love to have you! As COVID related safety precautions will be in place, please book your space ahead of time as spaces are limited.