Mindful Living

Experience a new and unique awareness through fun activities and guided meditations that are designed to inspire a joy in living, as well as in-depth conversations to support learning and growth in the challenging areas that we get the most questions. How do I approach this with mindful awareness?

Mindful Living is a community of members who meet twice a month to enjoy workshops and support each other. You can choose to drop into workshops that interest you, sign up for a full year to secure your spot on all workshops or even become a host.

Upcoming workshops:

All workshops are held on Sunday evenings from 7pm – 9pm at a hosted venue

8 April – Trapped in Judgement
22 April – Tension, Exhaustion, and Burn Out
6 May – Healthy Boundaries
20 May – Where is Home?
3 June – Expectations and Outcomes
17 June – Are we Reliving our Parent’s Stories?
1 July – Dark, Anxious Thinking
15 July – Struggling not to Struggle
29 July – Getting Real about Meditation
12 Aug – My Relationship with Money
Watch this space as we release new workshops!

Examples of past workshops:
25th June – Mindfulness of Thoughts
23rd July – Creative Journaling
29 October – Mindful Movement
3 December – Why do I feel lost?
10 December – What is Codependency?

11 February – Who am I? (Now)

11 March – Meeting and Understanding our Feelings
25 March – Mindful Movement II – Qigong – Taoism theory and practice
8 April – Trapped in Judgement
22 April – Tension, Exhaustion, and Burn Out

 To become a Mindful Living member:
  • Speak to any of our team about becoming a member and enjoy meetups, retreats, and a year long journey of discovery
  • Choose your package payment plan for investing in our community
  • Drop ins are a great way to experience what Mindful Living is about and meet our community. If you want to sign up after your first session your drop in payment will go towards your membership. There is no limit to the number of drop in sessions you can be part of.
  • Contact us here to sign up or ask any questions about Mindful Living
  • All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT