Experience a new and unique awareness through meaningful & curious conversations, as well as fun activities and guided meditations that are designed to inspire a joy in living. These in-depth conversations support learning and growth in the challenging areas that we get the most questions about. How can we approach these every day small and big themes with mindful awareness?

Mindful Living is a community of members who meet to enjoy workshops and support each other. You can choose to drop into workshops that interest you or come each session – you are always welcome!

Do you have an idea for a Mindful Living workshop? Let us know by emailing – we love to create workshops that are meaningful for you!

Online workshop events have a “Name Your Price” option to break down financial barriers to participation, especially during these challenging times. This means that you can nominate your own price for the workshop, from AED50, so that you can help support others by offering more if you can, or less if you can’t.

All workshops are currently hosted on Zoom.

Sunday Mindful Living

Hosted by Helen & Kirsty

7pm – 9pm

  • 13th September – Glorious Paradox 

My heart is wired for connection, but my mind is wired for problems to fix. How can we work with this knowing that our minds will often sabotage what our hearts are yearning for? We are often needing guidance while our hearts are longing for truth and our minds are avoiding the very truth we long for. Such a puzzling contradiction! Let’s help each other connect with this wonderful puzzle together.

  • 27th September – Mindful Living 

Join us for for meaningful conversations about bringing mindful practices into our lives. Each session has a unique theme (released closer to the time in response to community requests).

Living as a Mindful Parent

Hosted by Joanne Jewell 

7pm – 9pm

  • 16th September –  Navigating the Shame, Blame and Judgement Minefield of Parenting

We want our children to feel good about themselves, believe in themselves and be ok with trying hard things – but how are we modelling this at home?  Do you model believing in yourself at home or do you instead parent whilst worrying that you aren’t good enough, calm enough or patient enough?  Perhaps you get frustrated because you aren’t listened to, your children don’t do what you ask or you feel like you’re constantly nagging – does the sentiment “banging my head against a brick wall” resonate with you?

During this session we will explore where these feelings and thoughts come from and how we can create a self-belief of belongingness in our children.

  • 30th September – Escaping Parenting Triggers and Finding more Peace 

  • 14th October – When Parenting Feels Overwhelming