Special in-person workshops are scheduled for October and November 2022 in Dubai. Please contact us to book or for more info. 

Our Mindful Parenting Workshops are facilitated by Joanne Jewell, our experienced parenting specialist who has worked with parents and children in schools and privately for the past 15 years. Her sessions are well loved and focus on supporting parents. Joanne incorporates strategies and ideas from a variety of highly respected sources, including Attachment Parenting and the writings of other professionals such; as Alfie Kohn, Dr Dan Siegel, Janet Lansbury, Faber & Mazlish, Tina Bryson, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Sue Gerhardt and Rebecca Eames to name a few. What these practitioners and Joanne have in common is the utmost respect for both children and parents, a desire to grow and focus on how we can be the best parent possible, not perfect but positive about our children and ourselves and their potential. Joanne’s personal mindfulness practice brings a compassionate clarity to her teaching and enables her to embed these practices into her workshops, which complement our Mindfulness programmes. Joanne is also a certified mindfulness teacher.

Whilst common strategies and skills run through all the workshops, each course is personalised to the aims and needs of the parents.

Joanne encourages parents to ask questions and spends time giving feedback to ensure that your learning is fully supported. You will start the course by reflecting on your personal goals and this will be the focus of your learning, supported by a knowledgeable and highly experienced educator who will facilitate your learning.  In order to benefit fully from the course, it is important to attend every session.

The workshops are suitable for all parents with children aged from 1 all the way up to 18 years of age. Whilst the key skills you learn are suitable for all ages, we do group parents together with children of a similar age to maximise the learning experience. Each workshop has a different focus:

Contact us here to sign up or ask any questions about these workshops.


Living as a Mindful Parent: 

Re-Parenting Ourselves:

Re-Parenting Ourselves – what this means and how to do it.

Many of the skills that are essential to being the parents and partners we want to be were missing from our own childhoods.  The ability to be patient, non-judgemental, compassionate and calm – even when triggered – requires us to know how to practice them with ourselves as an adult so that we can also use them in our relationships.  There may be many reasons why our parents weren’t able to teach these to us – this doesn’t mean they were bad parents but it does mean we missed out on learning skills as children that we now have a choice to learn as adults.

“It is our responsibility to teach ourselves the tools to meet our own needs.  When we reparent, we begin by learning how to identify our physical, emotional and spiritual needs and then we practise noticing the conditioned way we’ve gone about attempting to get those needs met”. Dr Nicole LePera

Join this workshop and discover your wise inner parent – learn how to quiet your inner critic and embrace self-respect and compassion so that you can trust your intuition.  Learning how to reconnect to the intuitive part of yourself will also allow you to parent with more confidence and rely on your own wisdom rather than others’ opinions.

The cost of this workshop is AED1400pp and spaces are limited

Upcoming workshops:

  • 25th October, 1st and 8th November 2022 special three session in-person workshop in Dubai
    • 9am – 11.30am

Age Specific Workshops: 

Mindful Parenting of Children (up to 10 years)

Alfie Kohn writes “Well-behaved children do what their parents want them to do, and become what their parents want them to become, but often at the price of losing a sense of themselves”.  So, what is the difference between Mindless Obedience and Mindful Co-operation, and which one do you want to teach your child? 

Our sense of self is vital for emotional health and well-being, it means we know who we are, we trust our intuition, our sense of right and wrong and it allows us to try new things without fear of failure, to make friends who accept us for who we are and to be comfortable in our bodies and our minds.

Raising children who develop mindful co-operation isn’t an easy task, it requires us to role model it as a parent – not perfectly or properly but with compassion to ourselves when we fail and a conscious choice to do better next time.   It means that we need to practise being present with all emotions and all behaviours and choose how we respond, even when we are triggered by our children’s lack of co-operation as they learn and struggle and grow and have big feelings of their own. 

We will explore:

•           Why being conscious is vital in parenting 

•           How to teach skills such as resilience, persistence, motivation and focus

•           What boundaries are and how to set them

•           How to teach without using punishment or reward

•           Managing common childhood behaviours e.g. defiance, anxiety, sleeping, eating, making friends, not listening

The cost of this workshop is AED800pp or AED1200 per couple and spaces are limited

Upcoming workshops:
  • 29th October 2022 special one day in-person workshop in Dubai
    • 9am – 4pm

Mindful Parenting of Siblings 

Join these special session to explore how you can nurture your children’s relationship with each other and still allow it to develop at its own pace, authentically and reflective of their needs rather than yours.  If you notice yourself wanting your children to be friends, becoming frustrated when they don’t get along and hoping that their relationship as adults will be loving and supportive then it’s very possible that you are driving your agenda rather than allowing them to develop the sibling bond that is most authentic for them.  We will explore your own beliefs and needs around siblings and learn what children really need from this relationship and how to support them.

This course is aimed at parents who want to develop knowledge and skills specifically focusing on siblings and the challenges that we often face when supporting our children in their relationship with each other.

The workshop is suitable for parents new to Mindful Parenting as well as those who’ve already attended a workshop.

If you joined Part 1 in May you are welcome to join Part 2 only this time around.

The cost of this workshop is AED300pp per workshop. Spaces are limited

  • Part 1 – 27th October 2022 special in-person workshop in Dubai
    • 9am – 12pm
  • Part 2 – 3rd November 2022 special in-person workshop in Dubai
    • 9am – 12pm