Please note that currently scheduled workshops are all run online via zoom. Please contact us to book or for more info. 

Our Mindful Parenting Workshops are facilitated by Joanne Jewell, our experienced parenting specialist who has worked with parents and children in schools and privately for the past 15 years. Her sessions are well loved and focus on supporting parents. Joanne incorporates strategies and ideas from a variety of highly respected sources, including Attachment Parenting and the writings of other professionals such; as Alfie Kohn, Dr Dan Siegel, Janet Lansbury, Faber & Mazlish, Tina Bryson, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Sue Gerhardt and Rebecca Eames to name a few. What these practitioners and Joanne have in common is the utmost respect for both children and parents, a desire to grow and focus on how we can be the best parent possible, not perfect but positive about our children and ourselves and their potential. Joanne’s personal mindfulness practice brings a compassionate clarity to her teaching and enables her to embed these practices into her workshops, which complement our Mindfulness programmes. Joanne is also a certified mindfulness teacher.

Whilst common strategies and skills run through all the workshops, each course is personalised to the aims and needs of the parents.

Joanne encourages parents to ask questions and spends time giving feedback to ensure that your learning is fully supported. You will start the course by reflecting on your personal goals and this will be the focus of your learning, supported by a knowledgeable and highly experienced educator who will facilitate your learning.  In order to benefit fully from the course, it is important to attend every week.

The workshops are suitable for all parents with children aged from 1 all the way up to 18 years of age. Whilst the key skills you learn are suitable for all ages, we do group parents together with children of a similar age to maximise the learning experience. Each workshop has a different focus:

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Mindfulness Practice for Parents:

As Eckhart Tolle shares with us, “Without a conscious parent, there can be no conscious parenting.  Ultimately…the deeper cause of family dysfunction is not the parents’ lack of knowledge or education but their lack of awareness”.

This workshop will teach you the skills and practise of awareness – recognising your own behaviours and thoughts as a parent – without judgement or criticism, but instead learning how to acknowledge your triggers with compassion and patience, so that you can learn how to calm yourself from a place of love and acceptance and then apply wisdom and logic to your personal and parenting choices.

This is a 4-week workshop where you will be taught the following skills and practices in a small group with other parents who are also keen to develop their own awareness through

  • 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness
  • Informal Mindfulness Practices
  • Formal Mindfulness Meditation
  • Noticing thoughts and feelings
  • Recognising triggers
  • Self-compassion & Non-Judgement
  • Practices to bring mindfulness into my family life
  • Finding my pause button
  • Applying wisdom to my parenting choices

Mindfulness for Parents (part 1)

Upcoming online workshops:

  • More dates to be announced soon

Parenting with Presence (part 2)

“When you parent with presence you can turn the way your children challenge you into a mirror that allows you to become aware of your own hitherto unconscious patterns.  And by becoming aware of them, you can begin to transcend them”.  Eckhart Tolle

This workshop follows on from Mindfulness Practice of Parents and will allow you to deepen awareness of your parenting journey and the teaching your children offer you.  We will continue to explore the practice of mindfulness, providing further teaching and opportunities for your meditation practice as well as strategies for responding in the moment to the triggers and challenges of parenting.  Here is your opportunity to learn from Jo’s experience of raising 3 children whilst practicing Mindful Parenting herself, as well as years of expertise gained from working with children, adolescents and parents for almost 20 years as a therapist.  This is your chance to explore the following questions for yourself:

  • How did I learn to parent myself and my children?
  • How can I become conscious of my parenting triggers?
  • What does it mean for me to be on this journey?
  • Will I ever stop parenting?
  • What do I still need to learn about myself as a parent?
  • Why does it feel so hard sometimes and what can I do?
  • Why it can sometimes feel lonely or scary to parent consciously
  • How can I teach my partner to parent with me?

Joining this workshop means you already have a Mindfulness practice as part of your life and have attended a mindfulness workshop with Mindful Me.  If you haven’t attended a workshop with us before please contact Jo directly to discuss your practice and whether this workshop is the best way to support you on your current journey.

  • Parenting with Presence ongoing closed group
    • Parents who have attended the 4-week workshop can choose to attend our ongoing practice group – this will be held fortnightly on a Wednesday evening at 8pm and topics will be agreed by the group with Jo.  This is a closed group for parents who have an existing mindfulness practice and want to continue to practice and grow together.  The fee is AED100pp per session. Sessions are held on Wednesdays fortnightly. Contact us to book.


Living as a Mindful Parent: 

Age Specific Workshops: