Entering the castle

by Isabel Galiardo
We are wasting our time and missing the whole point of existence when we identify only with the material aspect of life and forget about the spiritual dimension.When we do this, we are limiting ourselves to a race against the clock in which the highest achievements are money and status.
When happiness depends on the external, we experience a huge void that manifests itself in  different ways; addictions, loneliness, depression, anxiety and a general sense of lack of direction and meaning. None of our achievements manage to satisfy us in the long term. When we only take care of the physical dimension our souls starve. We can live in sophisticated environments with all sorts of amenities. We can achieve our most desired goals, and yet feel empty. We are homeless wandering the streets because we forgot our true home is within ourselves.
Teresa invited us five centuries ago to enter the castle of our souls and discover the different rooms in it. Come inside where the most wonderful riches are waiting for you in the form of love, peace and fulfillment. Be a modern mystic, search for the bounty that lays within your castle and bring all this abundance back to the world in the form of love, wisdom and courage.
“We are incomparably ignorant when we do not strive to know who we are.
All our attention is taken up with the outer walls of the castle;
that is, with the bodies of ours.’’
Teresa of Avila