What is Codependency?

by Helen Williams

Understanding codependence is another part of the search for ourselves, the discovery of why and how we are lost and about to journey back home to a full and rich inner life.

Codependence is fundamentally about disordered and chaotic relationships.  We become codependent when we turn our responsibility for our life and happiness over to other people – to our partners, our family or our friends.

Codependence is often seen as learned behaviour which is expressed by dependencies on people and things outside ourselves which neglect and diminish our sense of self.

We become codependent when we focus so much outside ourselves that we lose touch with what is inside us – our beliefs, our thoughts, our feelings, choices, experiences, decisions, our wants, needs, our intuitions.  These all form our inner life, the major part of our consciousness.  When we believe that someone or something outside of ourselves can give us fulfillment and happiness, then we look for people, places, things, behaviour or experiences for this fulfillment and neglect ourselves.

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Raising Conscious Energy

by Helen Williams

Our conscious awareness is what we bring to our attitude toward life – our consciousness of the energy flowing within us is not about what we are thinking, but rather about the vibration of our emotional charge.  As we learn to notice the energy that is flowing in, around and through us, we come to see that we can participate in consciously raising our own energy awareness – practicing being present to the moment, noticing when our energy dips, watching the emotional charge our thoughts are creating, attuning ourselves to awareness of how we want to feel.

Another word for mindfulness is conscious awareness – the level of awake awareness you bring to the different facets of daily living.  Did you know that it’s not your thoughts that attract to you what you want, but the level of your energy?  Are you aware that your subconscious mind is about 95% of your energy and that if this energy is low and dense, then that’s your emotional charge?  You do have the ability to make a change with this, however.

It’s easier to think about it this way – what do I want to feel like?  Energised, present, focused, clear, peaceful, joyful, content?  Now there’s a good recipe! So how to do that?

Mindfulness is about noticing what is here right now, allowing the thoughts and feelings to be present without engaging in the stories about them, choosing to focus on the energy that is already here, aligning ourselves with intention toward our highest best.  Remind yourself to attune to the emotional energy state of what you want, not on what you don’t want.  See if you can focus on how you would like to feel, and then notice how you are feeling.  Is there a difference?

Energy is about vibration – that’s about the emotional charge that you bring to your life – cultivating the energy of what you actually want for yourself is like watering the seeds of future growth and possibility.  Allowing what is, accepting this moment and all that it brings and meeting it with clear intention and without judgement or expectation will enable you to raise your conscious energy vibration.  You will know this is happening because you will feel it.  Energised, present, focused and clear.

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