The Mindful ME Team

Our Team – Different, Diverse, Yet Similar.

This is how we speak about our Mindful ME team – each of us is different in so many ways.  Thank goodness for this!!  It adds so much to what we can offer our clients.  We delight in our diversity and yet also relish the ways we deeply meet each other.

Each of our team comes from a different culture and country and very proudly so – we love this!  Helen is a New Zealander, Cindy is South African, Alfie is from the Philippines, Kirsty is from the UK (and the UAE), and Joanne is from the UK.

We all have come together in Mindful ME from a different place in our thinking, our emotional life, cultural understanding, conditioning, training, education, family and friendship groups, sporting abilities, languages, relationships, spiritual truths and playful, creative energies.

Our diverse backgrounds mean that we have so much to offer our clients, both in our one to one sessions and in the running of the workshops and retreats we are so well known for. We can honour the fact that our differences create a broad smorgasbord approach. Because of this the way we all work with our clients, retreatants, workshop participants and each other, is steeped in our deeply held knowing that our similarities are reflected in our mindful awareness –  in the care, kindness and compassion that is the hallmark of our Mindful ME approach.

You can be assured that when meeting with any of us you will be seen as a whole person, complete with your own unique wisdom, just as we see ourselves in this way.

Do explore the bios of our team – we would love for you to meet us. If you would like to book in a session – get in touch – Alfie likes nothing more than to explain what is on offer and to secure your place in our current workshops.

We so look forward to meeting you at one of our workshops, retreats, individual sessions or events.

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