Joanne Jewell


I have been working as a child, adolescent and family consultant for the last 15 years in both the UK and the UAE.  I loved working with both children and teenagers but as a parent myself, I noticed that there was a real lack of hands-on support for parents in the UAE.  I’ve been an expat here for almost a decade and having raised three children during that time, I often found it a lonely and confusing experience – I missed the support of family and friends who knew both me and my children and sometimes found it difficult to share my parenting experiences with new friends, amazing as they were.

I offer education and support to expectant and new parents who are on this wonderful and challenging journey!  I will provide you with a non-judgemental, supportive environment to set your own parenting goals and then help you achieve them.  You can attend a workshop individually or as a couple or you can opt to receive private one on one support.  Whatever you choose, you will receive individualised support from a mum who has raised three wonderful, loving and compassionate children using these strategies and techniques as well as supporting hundreds of other children and teens over the years.

A large part of parenting is the relationship we have with our partner and having been married for 26 years myself, whilst also raising 3 children, I enjoy supporting parents in their relationships too.  Whether you are at the start of your journey, newly married, new relationship, experiencing changes as children enter your lives or fearing the ‘empty nest’ syndrome as your children become adolescents or if you have decided to end your relationship and want support with the changes this brings for you and your children, I am here to support you.  I have studied with the Gottman Institute and bring their evidence-based approach as well as experience of working with hundreds of couples at different stages of their lives over the last 15 years of my therapeutic practice so that you will both feel heard, held and supported on your personal journey.
Mindfulness has been a huge part of my personal life, parenting and marriage over the last decade and I love incorporating this into all the work I do – including individual work with adults and adolescents.  If you would like to learn skills and a practice that will help you bring more patience, calm and awareness into your life or your children’s lives then I would love to invite you to join either our Mindfulness Practice Workshop for Parents or book an individual session either for yourself or your adolescent child.
I also offer Mindfulness for parents and staff in a corporate setting through our personalised sessions in companies and schools and we can put together an individual programme for you based on your specific needs and company or school values.

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