Kristine Enger



I have lived in Dubai for 25 years as an expat, raising three daughters and working for more than a decade as a property manager, meeting with people of all cultures and walks of life every day, instilling in me an acute sense of cultural awareness, respect and tolerance.

For the past two years, I’ve lived in my native Oslo, Norway reconnecting with my country of birth, nature, family and friends.  However, I missed Dubai and the incredible mix of cultures we experience here; the sun, the sea, the call to prayer, and now I am very excited to return to the City of Lights and to join Helen and the Mindful ME team as a consultant and trainer.

I am trained as a 3P Practitioner, where I have studied how our human experience is governed by the three principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought. I find this is a neutral approach to understanding our human experience, and have seen firsthand how transformative, even instantly life changing it can be, even if all you get is a glimpse.

Conversations and deep listening in a safe, calm environment from this mindset promote clarity of mind, access to deeper inner wisdom, more natural confidence and an attitude of hopefulness whilst at the same time staying engaged with the world in a grounded way.  This understanding is applicable to all life’s challenges, simple, yet deeply spiritual.

We, as human beings, often get trapped within our own thinking in cycles and spirals, feeling our thoughts directly with the accompanying pleasant or unpleasant emotion. We believe we can somehow manipulate, change or transcend our thoughts and the feelings they promote. This is not possible, ‘Thought’ is a creation principle so we are constantly creating whether we like it or not.

I would love to explore the 3Ps with you, and greatly look forward to discovering these valuable principles with you.

I have trained in Transpersonal Counseling, am also a Montessori trained Pre-Primary teacher, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Global and Intercultural Communication.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, painting, yoga, interior design and fashion.



“Private sessions were the ideal way for me to begin mindfulness learning. The one to one learning environment was very comforting, and we were able to apply the learnings to my personal experiences in a secure and confidential setting.  I was able to arrange timings and frequency that suited my schedule.  Now I look forward to joining the group sessions to reinforce my practice.”  – J.K

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