Maureen Stols


Hello my name is Maureen.  I’m originally from Zimbabwe and now, having lived in Dubai for 29 years, have a very sound grasp on the intricacies of cultural awareness and understanding the balance of life here.

I have been married for 35 years and am lucky enough to have my son and his wife live and work in the same city.

I have been a practicing counsellor for 8 years in Dubai. I previously worked for an airline here in Dubai, in which time I dealt with a cross section which included marriage and relationship counselling.

I am excited about the dynamics of relationships – how when you negotiate the road of a long-term partnership the bumps you encounter may sometimes need a bit assistance. Partnerships and marriage require constant attention to keep that balance of love, like, friendship, trust and communication. Once children, or occasionally extreme adversity, are added to that mix, it can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming, requiring some guidance, preferably as a couple or as individuals.

Living away from extended family in an expatriate environment can be extremely challenging, having done the hard yards on this, I fully understand what it is like on days when you feel you have no support.

My studies included group crisis intervention, emotion intelligence quota, study majors in relationship counselling, trauma-focused therapy, child development and effective parenting and grief and loss counselling. I am currently studying to further my effectiveness as a relationship and communications facilitator and consultant.

I am one hundred percent committed to the process of my chosen profession, and always awed by how much difference it can make to a person when they feel in a safe, calm,  non-judgmental  environment,  listened to with compassion and understanding, sharing coping skills and leaving armed with the knowledge that they are more able to focus on the goals they have set to facilitate some change.

I look forward to meeting with you.