COVID and uncertainty – we know that right now you want to support your team with mindfulness tools to help them navigate this challenging time. We are here to help you do this through small group online workshops tailored to your team with a particular focus on mindfulness skills, anxiety, resilience, uncertainty and flexibility. 30-minute private sessions are also a very helpful way of caring for your individual team members – enabling them to learn mindfulness techniques in a one on one space that is tailored for them. 

We will work with you to create the most appropriate and supportive sessions and programmes for your team. Please contact Kirsty to work through the best options for you. 

A healthy workplace culture is shown to be one that deeply connects the team members to the purpose of their work and to the community that they not only work alongside, but lead and contribute to. This fosters a strong internal motivation that energises work to be more effective, authentic and fulfilling. Work becomes a positive impact in our lives and the phrase “work life balance” shifts from an elusive goal to a lived experience.

Mindful ME uses mindfulness practice as the foundation of our courses and workshops. Mindfulness is defined by James Baraz “simply being aware of what is happening right now, without wishing it were different.

This awareness and the practice of it creates a space in a culture of busyness and enables team members to quieten anxiety and improve their ability to contribute productively and positively.

Mindfulness practice in a work environment has been shown to

  • Expand capacity for critical thinking and problem solving by creating greater focus and mental capacity
  • Enable healthy stress management with practical exercises and sustained practices that improve resilience
  • Grow emotional intelligence by improving awareness and regulation of our own behaviour and emotions, enabling more effective communication and improving relationships
  • Increase focus on the present moment making high risk working environments safer
  • Inspiring creativity and ingenuity
  • Improve team dynamics
  • Increased adaptability and openness to change by expanding perspective
  • Motivate individuals and teams by connecting daily work to the authentic purpose of both individuals and the team.

Our workshops and courses

Our workshops are facilitated by experienced mindfulness practitioners who have personally applied the principles in their own corporate work and personal lives. They understand the pressures and reality of corporate and retails workspaces and guide participants through relevant and practical conversations.

All sessions are tailored for your team and so the best way of working out which course/workshop structure is best for you is to speak with our team about your needs. From 90 min to 4 weeks, from short workshops to overnight team retreats – we are able to create an experience that has the most impact for your business and your people.

We would like the opportunity to have a chat with you and see how we can support your team. Should you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact Kirsty

A selection of our short 2 hour workshops:

Here are some examples of our 2 hour introduction workshops which can be booked as stand-alone sessions for small groups (great for meetings) or as bundled programs. These are a good sample of the work that we do and the longer 4 week Mindfulness Practice course.

Mindful Leadership 
Leaders who mindfully approach their own lives have more impact and influence on their teams and can better articulate their vision, be flexible with change, overcome stress, make better decisions, solve problems more confidently and be more productive. Mindful leaders are more approachable and more effective because of their ability to respond rather than react. Mindfulness isn’t about taking extra time but being more present with your time. This workshop focuses on understanding the benefits of mindfulness as a leader, experiencing practical exercises and brainstorming how you can make this approach part of your leadership.
Self Awareness, Empathy and Mindful Communication 
With increased self-awareness we can develop and grow our empathy as well as our abilities to communicate effectively with team members, clients and other colleagues. By activating these skills we can articulate our strategy, visions, challenges and ideas. The conflict and stress that arises from miscommunication can be recognised, dissolved and less distracting when approached mindfully. This workshop focuses on basic understandings of EQ as well as practical exercises to improve communication.
Authentically Connecting with your Customers 
Hard sales is dying (if not dead). People don’t want to be sold at, talked at, persuaded to, pushed to buy or do business. However what stands out now is real authentic connection – where people make decisions and choices to work alongside, support or buy based on the relationship with the person selling. Being able to mindfully approach a conversation with sincerity makes a notable impact on the result of customer conversion, retention and loyalty. The best part of this approach though is that it is much more fun and energising for you too!
Setting aside time in your workday to reconnect and reset is a valuable approach well-known to be used by many influential leaders and thinkers. This practice creates a clarity of thought that improves not only our productivity and focus, but also our ability to think creatively, be mentally and emotionally flexible, and overcome the paralysis of anxiety and fear. Giving your team space and time to do guided meditation encourages them to pursue a more personal practice and explore the benefits in their lives. This workshop is best applied on an ongoing basis after completing our Mindfulness workshops but is also well recommended for one-off sessions, ongoing wellness programs and leadership meetings.
Resilience at Work
Getting back up again isn’t always easy but it can be downright overwhelming if we are caught up in the limiting beliefs and stories of anxiety and fear. This can turn into defensive or aggressive behaviour which limits creativity, teamwork and motivation. Working mindfully and consciously applying principles of resilience helps us to bring our best selves to each situation and remain energised and effective. This workshop focuses on understanding what resilience really is, how we can apply scientific and psychological observations to our actions and choose to bounce back.
Flexibility, Change and Uncertainty
Change is a given – it is an inevitable, uncertainty creating process that can result in great progress if your team are flexible and able to embrace or champion it. Not all change is positive we need to be able to ride the waves of both challenging and exciting shifts. While many of us focus on our physical flexibility and strength it is a valuable skill to be able to apply what we know of neuro-plasticity and mindfully approach change with less fear and judgement. This workshop focuses on understanding our own stress with relation to change and gives the basic tools that enable more open-hearted approaches through practical exercises.
Teamwork Exercises
Mindful ME will consult with you to write and shape a session that caters specifically to your team. Whether is be wanting a team building session on an offsite getaway, or to encourage focus over a long strategy session, or even a supportive wellness event to bring balance – we can facilitate a healthy and high-quality session for your team.
Conflict and Communication 
Having a healthy approach to conflict and an understanding of non-violent communication can be game-changing for a high-performance team. This workshop gives your team an opportunity to change their relationship with conflict and develop practical skills to improve the articulation of ideas, questions, challenges and problem-solving. By applying understanding mindful approaches to collaboration and communication we can actively contribute to a positive outcome.
Mindful Strategic Thinking 
Whether it is the ability to dive into the detail and focus or pull back and holistically approach the big picture – strategic thinkers who are able to do both are valuable team members and leaders in any business. Mindfulness helps us consciously create space in our thinking, to observe without attachment and to develop an intuitive connection to strategy. This is not a workshop designed to reveal brainstorming models or planning techniques but rather an opportunity to tune into your ability to sharpern your focus and be able to better make use of the models you already know.